Investing in People!

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Consulting Corner

                                                5 Things that Every Leader Must Know:

1.  Recognize that people are your most valuable asset -  Everyone has skills, gifts and talents that should be cultivated and utilized.

2.  Lead by example - recognize that modeling is one of your most effective teaching tools.  "Practice what you preach"

3.  Assist in creating a positive working environment - Respect and cooperation are the ultimate tone-setters for effective communication.  Remember: "Everyone should not get their way, but at least they will get their say." 

 4.  Clearly articulate your vision - vision that is not clearly articulated can lead to multiple agendas, which can lead to division and decreased productivity.  Don't expect others to carry out a vision that has not been clearly articulated.  
Shared vision + Shared Accountability = Shared results.  

5.  Allow for the creativity of others to shine - when individuals feel appreciated and know that their work is valued, then creative ideas and solutions will begin to multiply.  A Highly Effective Leader brings out the best in him/herself and in others!

            BLC, LLC is committed to providing the highest of quality and support for it's clients!

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